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Local jewelry designers open up about their collections

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Lera Jewels Lera Jewels

Even though many people have started calling her Lera, Ronit Tarshis is the owner and designer behind Lera Jewels. Tarshis came up with the name Lera because it is an acronym of the names of her three daughters and husband.

When Tarshis is designing the pieces for her collection, she gravitates towards a simple and clean design aesthetic. She likes this because she believes it represents her Israeli background.

“It’s [the jewelry] rugged yet feminine, so it kind of fits in with the Israeli culture,” she explains.

The simplicity of her visuals can also be seen in the way that she incorporates color. At first, Tarshis mostly worked with diamonds and sapphires, and would only use neutral colors. But, when a customer said that she wanted to see something multi-colored, Tarshis said ok.

“I never would have thought to do that,” she says.

Once, the piece was finished, Tarshis loved the way that the different colors popped, and she is beginning to incorporate more color into her pieces.

“I’ve sort of gained an appreciation for more color,” she says with a laugh.


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