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Local jewelry designers open up about their collections

A piece by Joanie Landau Designs

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Joanie Landau Designs

Joanie Landau likes to create jewelry that’s bold and sexy.

“I don’t do dainty, and I try to stay away from things that are being done over and over again,” she tells me.

In fact, her Warrior collection is influenced by the HBO hit series, Game of Thrones. According to Landau, the idea of protection was a big part of the collection, which is why many of the pieces resemble daggers and shields.

Landau’s other collections are inspired by old Pucci patterns, rock and roll music and traveling.

“It just depends, I spend every day thinking how to think outside the ordinary,” she says.

The desire to be different is a trait that Landau sees in her customers too. 

“They want something that their neighbor isn’t going to be wearing,” she explains.

Landau loves to work with her customers to make sure that they are getting the right piece, and many of her friends refer to her as their jewelry stylist.

“I make women happy and it’s an amazing thing to be a part of,” she says.

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