Make a Splash

New technology in pool automation to help you get every drop of enjoyment

Contemporary vanishing-edge pool with Chinese granite decking

Photograph: Contributed by Wagner Pools

Wagner Pools in Darien is celebrating its ninetieth anniversary but the technology the company is using this spring seems eons from its founding. Today’s pools are not digital but mobile. “Something that’s really beginning to catch on is controlling your pool—heat, lights, water-monitoring, even pump speed—from your iPad or iPhone via an app,” says Chris Olsen, project manager and designer. “The trend is to use less power and be more efficient.” Haggerty Pools, which recently moved from Stamford to Norwalk, is seeing a call for salt generators that reduce chlorine levels—“It makes the feel of the water more pleasing to the skin,” says president Roger Haggerty—and for LED lighting, which are more energy-efficient than incandescent lights.

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