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Lighten Up

Switch up your signature drink with SpikedSeltzer


Cheers to summer! That's what we say. Call some friends over, create a circle of comfy beach chairs and clink glasses to three totally refreshing and super-easy-to-make drink options that feature SpikedSeltzer. Don't miss the July/August issue of Westport magazine, which features an article on the beverage company's founders.


One bottle of Valencia Orange SpikedSeltzer
Splash of Orange Juice serve Chilled


1/2 Bottle of West Indies Lime SpikedSeltzer
Shot of Vodka
Splash of Cranberry Juice
Serve over ice


1/2 Bottle of Indian River Grapefruit SpikedSeltzer
Shot of Tequila
Splash of Red Grapefruit Juice
Serve over ice

SpikedSeltzer Owners, Photograph by Gus Cantavero Jr.

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