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Java’s Jolts

Need a boost? Java’s creative (and crazy good) drink specials are here to fuel your packed day


Matcha is a fine green tea powder that’s packed with antioxidants. The Zen Matcha Latte combines matcha with steamed milk for an earthy-tasting drink that you can sip sweetened or unsweetened.

Jitter-meter: Just say om. The matcha offers a more subdued buzz than espresso.

Signature Sip

When he first whipped up the Bowl of Soul in Java’s flagship location in Ketchum, Idaho, owner Todd Rippo knew he was on to something. “The Bowl of Soul changed my life. Everybody comes in for it,” he says. No surprise. The dreamy concoction combines direct-trade coffee from San Diego roaster Café Moto, espresso and imported Mexican chocolate. When the barista asks if you’d like whipped cream (made daily in-house and topped with ground cinnamon), do yourself a favor and say, “Yes!”

Jitter-meter: The coffee-meets-chocolate combo makes for a noticeable zing.

Sweet Buzz

The Cocoa Blanco is a white mocha with a kick, thanks to the faint heat of Mexican chocolate. Espresso swirls into velvety sweetened condensed milk to create the Thai Coffee (perfect over ice during summer scorchers). Two decadent desserts in a cup.

Jitter-meter: Side effects include accelerated speech and temporary euphoria.

High Octane

What wins the caffeine throwdown? “It’s a photo finish between the Hammerhead and the Keith Richards,” Todd says. The Hammerhead is two shots of espresso and direct-trade coffee. For the Keith Richards, named after the legendary rocker, sweet Mexican hot chocolate meets a whopping four shots of espresso. The chocolate mellows out the espresso’s edge, for a drink that’s as sweet as it is strong.        

Jitter-meter: Who needs sleep? You’ll crush your to-do list, because you’re a caffeinated rock star.

44 Church Ln., Westport, 203-557-8989