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Jeffrey Phillip shares insights into the organized life

Jeffrey Phillip

Q: You’re working with Milton development exclusively in Fairfield County. Why do their projects intrigue you?

A: Milton homes are crafted with an incredible attention to detail. I love the thought that goes into the design and how they stand by their product…and make sure your home is absolutely perfect. That is a warranty that makes this perfectionaist jump for joy!

Q: Media rooms, home offices, mudrooms—are homes more organized?

A: Surprisingly no. Having the space to spread out is wonderful and a real luxury. However…things end up getting stashed in all different areas, rather than keeping like things together. Plus, having space and storage allows most of us to hang onto more things rather than throw them away. No matter what size space you live in, it’s important to give yourself some organizational rules and create time to edit your belongings every so often so that you don’t hang on to absolutely everything.

Q: What do homeowners have to do to make your plan work long term?

A: It’s really quite simple. Put things back where they came from. …My goal is to provide [my clients] with the best possible road map to living efficiently. I work with them to make sure that the organization makes sense for their daily lives and is easy to maintain. Spending ten minutes at the beginning or end of your day to get things back in their proper “home” will keep your stuff from taking over your space.

Q: Someone tries to steal your organizational tools—which one would you fight to keep?

A: My label maker. I’m all about improvising with limited supplies, but my label maker is an absolute necessity for me. It is my way of leaving a road map for my clients to ensure success and provide motivation. You’d be surprised how my clients smile when they see labels on things—it brings them so much joy! 

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