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Fresh Nation and Westport Farmers Market team up in a Strategic Partnership

Your local Farmers Market is now on your doorstep!


Great news! Fresh Nation (an online marketplace), and the Westport Farmers Market newly announced, they have formed a partnership. Fresh Nation will provide an online shopping storefront for the Market, as well as providing consumers throughout Fairfield County, daily delivery to your doorstep!

This win-win venture supports local farmers, the Westport Farmers Market and our community, as Fresh Nation now offers delivery of fresh healthy farm to table foods directly from the farmers markets to consumers’ homes. By bringing local farmers markets together in a convenient online shopping destination, Fresh Nation enables farmers and food creators who sell their products at the Markets accessibility to new customers who may not otherwise have access to the market. This dynamic team will provide local consumers the ability to place online orders from many of their favorite Market vendors while receiving same day home delivery, five days a week. It doesn’t get any fresher than that!

Revolutionizing the Farmers Market Experience

Fresh Nation was created by farmer’s market operators who come from a place of practical knowledge and real, workable solutions, as they connect farmers, food artisans, farmers markets and consumers who choose to eat fresh local food. This platform enables these groups to communicate and conduct commerce, while improving the farmer’s market experience, with a mission to build a healthier nation, where local vendors thrive and families enjoy the freshest, healthiest foods.

“We’re excited to work with Westport Farmers Market, as together we connect farmers and food makers with consumers who love to eat fresh, locally grown food,” said Anthony Lee, CEO and Founder of Fresh Nation. “As consumers become more aware about what they eat and where their food comes from, neighborhood farmers markets are an important and trusted resource where people can buy the best quality foods.”

Shopping the Markets online store through Fresh Nation is easy and convenient: select the items you’d like to purchase and an experienced and discerning personal shopper will fill your order at the Market and will usually deliver the same day (depending on your location as governed by zip code).

“After running a farmers market for about a year (in Danbury) we decided the world didn’t need more farmers markets, it just needed better ones, it needed markets that were more accessible to more people,” continued Lee. “And that was the idea, that you can get food delivered to your home seven days a week from virtually anywhere.  The best food of all, the most nutritious, the most flavorful, is food which is from the markets.  We wanted to take a great market, like the Westport Farmers market, and further its reach into the community, so that all people can buy food from the markets.  We only source from the markets.”

Westport Farmers Market (WFM)

Is a 501(c)(3)non-profit organization whose mission is to ‘create and maintain a regional hub where real farmers connect with real consumers over real food, striving to help food producers and food consumers forge lasting relationships that celebrate education, sustainability, healthy living and just plain delicious foods!’  

“We are committed to bringing the freshest and best foods from the WFM to all members of our community,” said Lori Cochran, Executive Director. “With our partnership with Fresh Nation, Market vendors are now able to sell online, their fresh produce and food products to consumers who don’t always have the time to come and shop at the market. We are thrilled to work with Fresh Nation and offer this new and exciting service to Fairfield County residents.”

Online offerings include many varieties of:
Beef, chicken, fish, baked goods, cheeses, breads, herbs, produce, fruit, soups, dips, granola, pork, condiments, dog treats, prepared foods, baked goods and more. Shop by either vendor, product or category. Buy local, eat fresh!