Creative Juices

Painting with a Twist

Tortured artist? Yeah, not so much. At least not now that Painting with a Twist, which pairs painting classes with drinking wine, has come to Westport. The newly opened studio is part of a national paint-and-sip-concept trend. And it’s beautifully simple: Grab a friend, pick up a paintbrush, and raise a glass for a fun, creative get-together. Local art instructors lead the classes but owners Janice McGuire and Ellen Meehan, both longtime Westport residents, make it clear their aim is more social than instructional. “This is not fine art. It’s fun art,” says Janice. “The music is playing, people are chatting, there’s cheese and crackers, and everyone just becomes equal.”

This is not their first venture together. With friend Beth Moeller, they established The Women’s Circle, which hosted seminars to empower and reconnect women after 9/11. Painting with a Twist, at its heart, shares that mission. “There’s a need in this environment,” says Ellen. 1460 Post Road East, 203-955-1855;

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