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5 Top Burgers At The Black Duck

The café’s faves, from classic to stuffed


No, you are not imagining it—it does feel like this barge from 1840 is slowly sinking into the Saugatuck River, adding to the rustic and laid back vibe of The Black Duck Café. But don’t be fooled: the food is serious—especially the burgers.

On the large, folded paper menu you will find the basic house hamburger and cheeseburger, but keep reading—the real delights are found among the “historic Westport,” “famous stuffed,” and “specialty” burgers. Each is offered in two sizes: “Big,” an oversized 8-ounce, and “Bigger,” the 12-ounce plus, ranging from $10 to $16. We ordered ours cooked medium, which, we were told, is more like medium-rare—nicely charred on the outside and just the right amount of pink on the inside. You can add fries or onion rings for a nominal cost and coleslaw and pickles come on the side.

Historic Westport Burgers

Black Duck Burger—in honor of the restaurant’s 35-plus years in the business. Smothered in sautéed peppers, onions, and mushrooms, this one is a little out of the ordinary but sure to please.

Big Top Burger—in memory of the Westport burger joint in the 1960’s and ‘70s. Topped with bacon, fried onions, and barbecue sauce. A bit of crunch with a touch of tang.

Stuffed Burgers

Doctor Proctor’s Bleu Cheese Burger—chunky bleu cheese is the surprise inside. The robust flavor of the cheese is a nice complement to the flavorful meat.

Marty’s Wisconsin Cheddar Burger—sharp cheddar is the star of this sandwich. A nice change from the slice of cheese on top, this one will satisfy any cheeseburger lover.

Pete’s Stuffed Brie Burger—watch the creamy brie cheese ooze from the center. The mild tasting cheese and perfectly cooked meat make the ideal pair.

A contender for the top five is the Cheebo’s California Ranch Burger, falling under the “specialty” category. It’s served with lettuce, tomato, onion, and avocado slices with the Ranch dressing on the side. Basic with a West coast twist.

The Black Duck Café is the Best of Westport 2014 Winner for burgers.
605 Riverside Ave, Westport; 203-227-9999