It’s Personal

Customizable pieces from KZK Jewelry

“Coastal,” KZK’s exclusive cobalt blue glass clover ($312)

As every stylish woman knows, the right accessory can take an outfit from blah to bling. Debra Richman Selden, co-owner of KZK Jewelry, puts it this way: “Your necklace should be the first thing people notice when you walk in the room.” In 2011, after years at a job that left little time for family, Debra started KZK with two friends in Weston. First finding success through private trunk shows and then a website, KZK lets shoppers create personalized necklaces from six different chains and more than 150 pendants.

Debra, a Westport native who now lives in Weston, says she draws inspiration from her mother, “a fashionable, chic woman,” who owned a clothing store in Greenwich. The founders children (ten among them) offer insights of the younger generation. “There’s something named for all our children,” Debra says. “They’re a big part of our story.”

Fashionable, fun jewelry that’s inspired by, and suitable for, every age? Now, that’s a multifacted gem!    

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