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From the Editor: Bright Side

I don’t believe age actually sneaks up on anyone. Actually, age sends me a reminder every day. Take for example the day I was giddy to read about a scientific study that suggests the attractiveness of crow’s feet (an unflattering term for those fan-like wrinkles at the outside of our eyes). Other signs? Aching knees and authentically saying, “Whew,” at the top of the staircase…and then there’s our Ten Teens to Watch story, which slowly rolls into view each year.

Nothing to do but face this one head on. For this piece, I have the pleasure of meeting ten teens who are extraordinary. They’re composing music, winning academic awards, interviewing sports celebs—and more. The “and more” part goes without saying—of course, there’s more. These teens are diverse in their talents and interests. Looking at them, I recall mid-life’s tagline: “Woulda, coulda, shoulda.”

Let me explain. During the photo shoot, I fell into conversation with Tessa Green, who casually explained how she won a fellowship and is pursing a patent for a brilliant idea for storing energy.

My understanding of energy begins and ends with a light switch.

The teens we profile in these pages share that admirable dedication to curiousity and excellence. As each hammed it up for the camera, it was easy to imagine their bright futures.

I’ve learned through the grapevine that one local high school questioned how the magazine chooses its teens each year—in other words: Why them? As an answer, let me explain that the piece is about teens to watch, teens doing something really interesting—but we didn’t say they were the only teens doing something interesting! There are other fascinating, perfecly qualified candidates who are talented in the arts, sciences, business, technology, medicine, politics, philanthropy and everything else that makes up this world. We present these teens as an example of the dazzling spark in youth and as a reason to have much faith in our future, which might as well go by the words: “Will do, can do, should do.”