Start your engines

Wish your nearest and dearest shared your car obsession? The Concours d’Elegance is your chance.

Photography by: Gregory Cherin

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The Fairfield County Concours D’Elegance is to men (OK, car enthusiasts) what Carrie Bradshaw’s closet is to women (right, sorry, shoe enthusiasts). Say what you want, but the correlation holds valid for a mutual appreciation of quality and design. While a handful of Concours hangers-on in the 5,000-plus crowd may not know the difference between a Veyron and an Enzo, and do not understand the staggering value and history of the racing and road automobiles and motorcycles in arm’s reach at this annual event, they, nevertheless, can recognize that look of love in the true enthusiast’s eyes. Roll an Aston Martin in front of this type of man and he’ll respond like the air was swept out of his lungs — gasping, unable to speak, holding his chest, eyes wide. Don’t call 911. He’s fine. His visceral experience makes imagination seem real, like at an IMAX film — fall off a snowcapped cliff but grab padded armrests. He’s not only looking at a car, be it a Mustang or a Maserati, he’s also experiencing it. While his heart is pumping erratically, it’s so out of synch with reality, he’s actually enjoying the detachment. To blame? Purity, performance, prestige, power: Machine! It makes a grown man weak as it flows through his all-too-human system. Isn’t that beautiful?

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