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Town Trivia Quiz

We thought our 10th anniversary was a great time to test your knowledge of all things Westport, Fairfield, Wilton and Weston. We also threw in some magazine trivia to see just how closely you read our issues. When you're done, let us know if you're a local expert or need a refresher course.

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Compiled by Sherri Daley
Additional research by Jessica Silber

With special thanks to everyone who helped: Miggs Burroughs, Allen Raymond, Spencer Richards,  Ken Bernhard, Jennifer Brockman, Nancy Conroy, Nancy Gault, Doug Metchik, Caryn Hart-Nelson, Kate Prendergast, Westport Historical Society, Fairfield Museum … and so many others!

Extended Answer Key

1.    A. But before the village became known as Valley Forge, and long before its untimely underwater demise, it was known briefly as both Sanfordtown and Princetown. [“What Lies Beneath,” October 2000, p. 61]

2.    C. The original stage floor was placed to give actors a lucky first step before performances, and this good-luck charm was the idea of Joanne Woodward. [“Act 2, Scene 1,” June 2005, p. 74]

3.    False! Wilton’s population in 2002 was about 16,000 heads larger than it was a century before. But if you dig a little farther back, you’ll find that the census for both 1802 and 1902 came up with the same number of residents: 1,600. [“Out of the Wilderness, Wilton,” June 2002, p. 61]

4.    D. [“Cyber-Connection,” February 2008, p. 58]

5.    B. [“Clean, Green and Kid-Friendly,” June 2008, p. 54]

6.    C

7.    Jane Green, bestselling author whose latest book, The Beach House, was published in June 2008. 

8.    C. [“The Green House Effect,” June 2008, p. 78]

9.    B. Wood found the rich soil reminiscent of the legendary Nile Delta, and so named the region Egypt. [“Out of the Wilderness, Wilton,” June 2002, p. 60]

10.  B. Commanded by a Captain Disbrow, the “Gallant Seventeen” fired on the advancing Redcoats as they made their way down Compo Road. [“Westport Invaded: Our Part in the Danbury Raid,” July/August 2001, p. 68]

11.  True

12.  A: 2, Matt Davies [http://davies.lohudblogs.com/]
        B: 3, Mort Schindel
        C: 4, Hardie Gramatky [www.gramatky.com]
        D: 2, Dick Hodgins

13.  A: 2, Pequot Library
        B: 4, Penfield Pavilion
        C: 1, Cobb’s Mill Inn
        D: 3, Orem’s Diner

14.  A: 2, Kristine Lilly – two Olympic Golds and two World Cup wins before the age of 33.
        B: 4, Daniel Innamorati – Kept a perfect GPA while training for the 2010 Winter Olympics.
        C: 1, James Blake – Started out as a wrestler at Fairfield High, now the 22nd best tennis player in the world.
        D: 3, A.J. Riley – Aspiring professional racer, finished 3rd in the 2007 Skip Barber National Championship.

15.  A: 3, Al Fiore, Westport Police Chief
        B: 2, William Raveis, real estate tycoon [raveis.com]
        C: 1, Freda Welsh, executive director of Levitt Pavilion [levittpavilion.com]
        D: 4, Mar Jennings, lifestyle expert, author of Life On Mar’s: A Four Season Garden [marjennings.com]

16.  A: 4
        B: 2
        C: 6
        D: 3
        E: 5
        F: 1
        G: 3
        H: 1
        I: 5
       J: ?
       K: 6
       L: 2

17.  B. The painting was by comic artist Edd Ashe, and once adorned the walls of former speakeasy the Triangle Saloon. [“Art History,” January 2007, p. 30]

18.  True

19.  Joe Barrato, who since gracing our cover went on to be named President of Polo Ralph Lauren’s Purple Label and Black Label.

20.  A

21.  C. Founded by Solon Borglum, the Knockers Club was a group of artists who would gather in his studio and hold exhibitions until 1922, when it found a new venue and a new name. [“The People Who Made a Difference,” January 2007, p. 42]

22.  D

23.  B

24.  D

25.  C

26.  A. Banknorth B. Restoration Hardware C. Max’s Art Supplies D. Fig E. Dovecote F. Lucy’s G. Tiffany’s

27.  A

28.  D

29.  A: 4
       B: 3
       C: 2
       D: 1

30.  C. At one point Reznikoff had his hands on some moon rocks, but NASA confiscated them on the grounds that moon rocks are “national treasures” and cannot be privately owned. Check out universityarchives.com for a look at other interesting artifacts. [“Westport’s Curiosity Shop,” March 2002, p. 100]

31.  A. But Martha will have the last laugh with the Fine Living Network’s new series Whatever, Martha!, a mocking critique of her old shows that’s co-hosted by her daughter Alexis.

32.  D

33.  B

34.  1. D – 1958
        2. A – August 1989
        3. C – October 1989
        4. E – September 1999
        5. B – June 2008

35.  D

36.  B. Fitzgerald’s 1922 novel The Beautiful and Damned was based on his and wife Zelda’s one summer spent in Westport in 1920. They leased the Wakeman House at 244 Compo Road for five months, which Fitzgerald described in a letter as “the slickest little cottage on the Sound.” [“The Beautiful & Damned,” August 2006, p. 46]

37.  C. In the last episode of “I Love Lucy,” Lucy accidentally destroys the statue before its unveiling on Yankee Doodle Day—and replaces it with herself. [“When Westport Loved Lucy,” December 2006, p. 41]

38.  Mark Shapiro, President and CEO of Six Flags, who in April unveiled plans to build Six Flags properties in China

39.  C. [“Change of Perspective,” February 2008, p. 69]

40.  C. More pearls of wisdom available at sheaboxing.com. [“One-Two Punch,” March 2008, p. 81]

41.  True

42.  B. [“Royal Talent,” March 2008, p. 94] Check out her designs www.aliceandolivia.com

43.  B. Ordinary People was both set and filmed around Chicago, the Dick Van Dyke Show was a little closer with its fictional New Rochelle location, and Interiors was set in Long Island. But we bet you didn’t know that a potential title for the hit TV series Bewitched was The Witch Of Westport.

44.  Michael Bolton, whose latest endeavor was as executive producer of this year’s indie film The Other Side of the Tracks.

45. D. [“State of the Long Island Sound,” June 2008, p. 70]

46. False! Onions, not cabbages, were the vegetable that brought Westport this patriotic distinction.

47.  D

48. D. The full passage reads: “No battles were fought here; no Presidents were born here, or even died or perhaps have slept here; no Senators, Supreme Court justices, college presidents or public enemies claim Wilton as their home…but for two and a half centuries the Town has been known for its prosperous small farms, good schools, and local industries demanding skilled labor.”

49.  A: 3
        B: 6
        C: 2
        D: 5
        E: 4
        F: 1

50.  Christopher Plummer. The actor’s current project is portraying author Leo Tolstoy in the film The Last Station, set for release in 2009.

51.  C. The cost of the house was $1 – sold on the condition that it be restored. Visit projectreturnct.com

52.  D. Developed by the kids and faculty at Center Stage Theatre Company, 06880: The Musical follows the lives of teens going through middle and high school and was performed on Broadway as part of the New York Musical Theatre Festival. [“Acting Out,” August 2006, p. 57]

53.  D

54.   A: Check out nps.gov/wefa for more info

55.   D. [“In Good Taste,” January 2008, p. 3]

56.   D. [“Leading The Way,” February 2008, p. 71]

57.   True