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Editor's Letter - The Road Well Traveled

Photograph by Bob Capazzo

One would think putting a magazine together is like driving down one of our scenic back roads. Surely there must be equivalents to stop signs and yield signs, bright green go signals and, of course, a yellow line, straight down the center to show you the path ahead. Don’t stories and photos just flow into place?

Well, that would be nice. I would love to say things worked like that. But I can tell you this issue was nothing like a drive in the country. Yes, there were the quiet reflective moments, and lots of great stories were shared, but this is our Ten-Year Anniversary Collector’s Edition — and we were on a mission to cover a decade of one of the most exciting communities in the country. We took this responsibility to heart, which, to us, meant thoughtful reminiscing, but also pushing ourselves ambitiously to break new ground.

You’ll see this most clearly in our Town Trivia Quiz (page 62) — the first time we’ve done something like this. Over the years, we’ve covered so many of this community’s celebrities, civic and business leaders, accomplished artists and writers as well as social issues, landmarks and historic moments, that we thought we would test your hometown knowledge — facts, figures and a bit of fun trivia. All of our questions come from past issues, so, in a way, we’ve already given you
the answers. Sharpen your pencils, and, when you’re done, let us know how you did.

Also, in “30 Under 30” (page 74) we were inspired by a collection of amazing people, some shy of thirty years old, some not even in that ballpark yet, who are already excelling in diverse interests: art, film, acting, politics, business — you name it.

Next, we take a look at another big anniversary in town: Mitchells turns fifty (see page 86). We thought that extraordinary accomplishment deserved a closer look at how the family business continually transforms itself and stays in touch with the needs of its clientele and the community.

Finally, “In Focus” (page 100) showcases just some of the gifted fine arts photographers in town — we couldn’t include all the talent, of course, but we’re thrilled to make the point that our community is blessed full with artists.

Enjoy the issue, and then buckle up! We’re planning for more adventures in the next decade of covering your community.