First Citizen Awards

Westport-Weston Chamber of Commerce

Staples High School awardee Jaqui Devine with family

Photographs: Dave Matlow

The Westport-Weston Chamber of Commerce recently honored top citizens at the inaugural First Citizen Awards. Guests and honorees gathered at the Inn at Longshore for a cocktail hour, silent auction and dinner. The ceremony honored Ken Edgar of Weston, a former attorney and current volunteer, and Barbara Butler of Westport, who serves as her town’s director of human services. First Citizen awards are presented to individuals who have served the community, excelled in business or creative ventures, or to philanthropists who make a mark on a local or national level. Four high school students, Jacqueline Prager Devine and Corey Werner from Staples High School, and Claire Cook and Matthew Proctor of Weston High School received Future First Citizen awards for their community service.

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