Children First

Save the Children’s first annual Advocacy Summit

Mark Shriver, Bill Haber, Dr. Jim D'Orta and Tim Shriver

Photographs: Susan Warner for Save the Children

Fairfield County residents stepped up and joined the national discussion regarding child safety at Save the Children’s first annual Advocacy Summit in Washington, D.C. Angelique and Jim Bell, Anne Mulcahy, Bill Haber, Carolyn Miles, United States Representative Jim Himes, and others joined Vice President Joe Biden at the exclusive summit reception, held at a home in the historic Georgetown neighborhood of our nation’s capital. Locals joined national politicians, entrepreneurs, businesspersons, and nonprofit leaders for the summit, which fostered awareness on the challenges faced by children and their families today. The advocates contacted their elected officials to ensure that the safety and education of children is at the forefront of our nation’s policies.

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