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shhh, shhh … hooray

Photograph by: Bob Capazzo

When out of towners drive down the Post Road, do you suppose they somehow sense that this community is anything but indifferent? That it is fueled by people who share what they have and help where and when they can? Perhaps that is asking too much. After all, so much individual good work is purposely unheralded.

That’s not to say that we don’t have many fund-raising events in Westport, Weston, Wilton and Fairfield. We do. But those events support the charities, not the people who make it all happen. The people who make it happen are often found only behind the scenes.

Still, sometimes at the publication, we are so moved by what volunteers and workers at nonprofits do, that we want to cheer, “Thank you!” It is nearly impossible to celebrate these talented individuals, though; most of them go about their efforts with a genuine lack of interest in personal accolades; they shun attention, unless, of course, their names or status help the bigger cause.

Amazed by their dedication, creativity and ability to get things done, we offer in this issue respectful recognition for their good works (see page 65). We asked you, our readers, to nominate local unsung heroes, choosing from people who help the more than 2,000 charitable organizations in Fairfield County. As we read your letters, we were inspired, and we found our perspective on what really matters forever changed.

This is certainly true for me when I went to visit the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp, a retreat for children with cancer and other serious illnesses. It was a story the magazine has wanted to tell for a long time, but the Camp is very protective and rebuffs coverage.

In inching closer over the last year, my mindset was shifting too. I started getting to know the local people who are involved with the camp. I listened to brave former campers at a fundraiser. I started to see a bigger picture of community ties and events. What were once just names or social outings became real people and events.

In a way, I was preparing to see the magic of the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp. Now, I appreciate its protective stance.

For the people quietly supporting the Camp, and for all of the people helping organizations with deep ties to our community, we offer a huge, thundering applause for what you do. Thank you.