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From the Editor: Escapes

Think back to one of the best days you ever had. Were you strolling an exotic beach, laid out before you like perfect flowing silk? Or maybe it was simply seeing your kids playing at our own Compo Beach, laughter, buckets and shovels, the scent of suntan lotion?

Could be anything. Trust me, I’m never going to argue against a trip, near or far—yet, I always return home, and the best times of my life have been right here in Westport. Many of you have shared with me beautiful, detailed stories about visiting the Italian coast or finally taking an African safari. The tales are enchanting, and with each I recall my own travels, from English inns to beach-front homes in the Bahamas. What makes our travels refreshing is the change. What makes them favorites is coming home and sharing the tales with our family and friends.

When pulling these pages together, I wanted to know if someone from Capri or London were to visit our area, where would they have to go or what would they have to do in order to really understand what it’s like to live here? In effect, why we love it here. Naturally, I asked writer Christy Colasurdo to turn to a few locals who are busily defining the area. Julie Levitt and Dana Noorily, entrepreneurs with a keen sense of building a community hot spot; Catherine Revzon, uniting Weston moms; Sam Gault, helping to unite old and new Saugatuck; Mimi McLaughlin, sharing her expertise in wine, spirits and design; and Kevin Meehan, engaging a new generation of local foodies in Wilton. In our “Insider’s Guide,” they share the shops, restaurants and local places that they love most; in a sense, places that help people understand who we are. Seeing home through someone else’s eyes is a quick and easy refresher without the airfare. Maybe something new is closer than you thought.

As for heading out of town—you may be a Westporter first, but you’re also a New Englander. That’s why in “Destination Summer” we picked a few essential destinations in the northeast. These places feel like home and bring up good memories, and they’re luxurious with the promise of stories to share.