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From the Editor: Two Sides

There’s a theory that there are two types of magazine readers: those who savor gorgeous photography and those who appreciate thoughtful writing. When looking at a shot, the image must be more than factual; it must tell a part of the story. As for reading a piece, critically or for pleasure, good writing leads to a moment when you “give yourself over” to the writer and allow him/her to guide. It’s imperative and a matter of trust. In this issue, there’s plenty of visually pleasing moments—gorgeous gardens, world travel, perfect weddings, and hip and cool seafood—and plenty of good writing.

That same balance of image and word is found in theater. We interviewed Westport Country Playhouse Artistic Director Mark Lamos about his job—to translate stories about life to the stage. He must lead and transport the audience, but make it seem like magic. During the photo shoot at the Playhouse, I could feel this magic—though I thought to dismiss it as fanciful imagination when I saw Lamos smiling breezily. It’s by design. There is one other possibility. That lofty sense might also be appreciating that something real is happening simultaneously with re-creation and illusion. The audience is spellbound by the costumes and lighting as much as by Sondheim’s lyrics. Again, it’s both visuals and words.

This is true for our digital media, too. And we have big news! For five years MofflyMedia.com has been your source for the latest in Fairfield County dining, shopping and events. This month we’re thrilled to announce the launch of our new website ilovefc.com. It’s got a brand new look and even more information on what Fairfield County has to offer. And it’s easy to keep up-to-date on what’s happening in your own neighborhood with just one click—you can visit WestportMag.com for a look at all Westport all the time.