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Photography by Stacy Bass

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The soothing warm breezes of spring and summer are blending harmoniously in our community. After a long winter, it may be a transition we appreciate more now than in the past few years. Our perspectives have shifted toward community, home and family and making the most of everything we have right here. That includes the gifts from Mother Nature.

As the lilies and hydrangea begin to bloom this year, you are more likely to find people enjoying their backyards. Of course some “back- yards” naturally exceed the term; one can only rightfully call them grounds or even estates — and still fall short of the mark. One particular Fairfield property comes to mind. It’s near the water, located on a beautiful street, and last year underwent a landscape transformation in order to meet the needs and evolving style of the family. Growing into its new potential, as the plantings mature and the flowers pop with color, the property is a pure getaway at home — an on-site recreation paradise for children and parents alike.