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From the Editor: Home Remedy

Our state of real estate issue is one I look forward to each year. We check our perspective of the market by taking a step back and looking at the big picture. This year is a little different. Along with checking in on the residential market, we asked writer C. J. Hughes to take the temperature of the commercial market as well. With all of the changes on Westport’s Main Street, Post Road and down in Saugatuck, this story was long past due.

Inside, you’ll find C. J.’s report, complete with viewpoints and fact-and-figures from the pros. As we approach the all-important spring market, the timing for both reflection and planning couldn’t be better.

Alongside that piece, we have a story on one very special house in Westport. It belongs to Project Return, an organization that nurtures teenage girls in crisis. The residence is a safe place, with special programs and caring staff to help the teens transition into a better place. Project Return is celebrating twenty-five years in operation, and shares the support of numerous individuals in town and beyond. One of the organization’s best-known fundraisers is coming up (April 1). Perhaps you’ve seen the birdhouses around town? If not yet, you will soon. We share the touching story behind those little works of art that show the caring hand behind the project. Once you know why they’re
built, and by whom, you’ll never look at these birdhouses the same way again.

In this issue, we also tour another area home (see our cover shot)—this one fabulously designed and a successful example of how to combine the best of styles and influences. You don’t have to classify your home strictly; you can incorporate other looks. This home is your inspiration—perfect for when we all catch that spirit to revitalize.

If that weren’t enough, we also interview fashion designer Robert Rodriguez and cover the spring trends fresh from the fashion runways.

Come to think of it, perhaps this issue is pushing forward-ho to spring too much? It can’t be helped. That heady blend of enthusiasm and optimism is too hard to resist.