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From the Editor: The Best

You sure told us! we polled you, our readers, about the essentials of the Gold Coast: food, fun, fashion, family, fitness, and even pamperings that we wouldn’t give up without a fight. And you spoke up—way up! You turned in a massive number of votes for our feature: The Best of the Connecticut Gold Coast. Inside you’ll find the results of our tallies.

Take a look to see who grabbed the top spots. If you haven’t heard of them or flat-out disagree, you might want to give them a chance anyway. Your friends and neighbors are cheering about something, and you just might discover new faves.

Putting “best” in front of anything is simply begging for a disagreement—our “Best Of” issue challenges tried-and-true ways and places. Yet, I truly enjoy the unexpected wins—it’s fun to disagree and then immediately go check it out.

In this issue, you’ll also read about a man who challenges the status quo daily yet for something far more serious—how we treat animals and what we can learn about ourselves. His name is Buck Brannaman; also known as the horse whisperer. When local film director Cindy Meehl met Buck, she was so impressed, she made a documentary film about him. I was hooked by the first scene, and I wasn’t alone in that reaction. Her work recently won a major award at Sundance and will be released nationwide this month.

I had the pleasure of meeting both Cindy and Buck at the photo shoot. We wanted to include Cindy’s horse Red in the photo, so we held the end-of-day shoot inside the stable on Cindy’s gorgeous estate. Buck arrived that evening exhausted from a long flight and long drive and in desparate need of rest before a major private screening in New York City. Poor Red needed rest too—despite our best efforts, he was alarmed by our crew and equipment. When Buck walked in, though, Red simply melted in his hands. I can’t tell you what Buck did, but I saw the horse relax and cuddle into this man’s shoulder almost instantly. It was magical—and Cindy’s ability to translate that quality to film is equally remarkable.

After reading the piece, written by the talented Tim Dumas, I hope you’ll see the film. If you have ever wanted to challenge your way of doing things, whether you are a horse enthusiast or not, Buck and Cindy provide inspiration.