From the Editor: Think again

Time to refresh our perspective. It’s so easy to get good at something, even really enjoy something, and then just stick with it. But doesn’t that open the possibility of missing out on being best or most current? That takes new thinking.

So if you’re with me and allow that driving forward is worth it, ask yourself, how do you get going? Hint: Perspective changes when it’s challenged. Here’s an issue devoted to that concept.

To begin, meet the visionary team behind the Robert Graham brand of clothing. While there will never be anything wrong with a classic, crisp white button-up and navy blazer for men, this brand had a different vision—and it’s based on breaking rules. To look at the line is to take in a swirling mix of colors and patterns in its shirts, right down to the collars and cuffs. Then add a colorful sweater, colorful pants, colorful socks and colorful tie (or not). The result: Invigoration! Fun! Yes, vibrant menswear can be commanding and tasteful. In fact, it’s interesting and engaging, and shows as much imagination as confidence. Attractive? You bet.

Of course, this doesn’t just happen. It takes talented people to believe in the vision and know-how on encouraging men (and the women who buy for them) to trust their interest in a forward-thinking line. That’s why we sent fashion-savvy writer Jill Johnson to meet the men behind the brand. Enjoy her piece, “The Robert Graham Effect.”

Now, keep going! For a fresh view of life, cast a wide view. Yes, travel the world. Immerse yourself in a different location. Palm trees or snow-capped mountains, just make it different. That’s the point.

To start, turn to your friends and neighbors. We went to local experts in a variety of fields for insights on where to book your next flight. What if you love the arts? Head here. Design? Over there. Culture? Yeah, we got it. And, of course, we have a destination for those you who love fitness or food. Check out “Personal Pursuits,” for interviews with those who love Westport, Weston and Wilton as much as you do—which is why they know where you should go for your next great escape.

One more: “Girlfriend’s Guide to Beauty.” Oh, yeah, fresh perspective just got real personal. We’re talking about the face and body you see in the mirror every morning. Ever wish you could hit “Refresh”? Yeah, me, too. That’s why we report on cosmetic procedures for putting your best you forward.

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