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A Q&A with Jerri Graham Nothin' But Premium Foods

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After realizing that there were really no healthy snack bars sold at the grocery store, Jerri Graham, the founder of Nothin’ But Premium Foods, began making her own healthy snacks. She started making bars that parents would want to feed to their children and eventually started selling them in local Westport cafes and gyms. It is no surprise that people loved Nothin’ But products, however, Jerri could not meet the high demands on her own. That's when she met Steven Latimon, a savvy businessman, who would later become Jerri’s business partner and help to get Nothin’ But products in other stores across the Northeast. Nothin’ But snack bars and cookies come in a variety of different flavors including, Chocolate Almond and Ginger Lemon Cashew, and are great for both adults and children on the go. Here is what Jerri Graham, founder of Nothin’ But foods had to say:

What is the inspiration behind Nothin’ But Premium Foods?
Nothin’ But was created when I noticed that none of the snack bar/granola bar options on the market satisfied my senses in the way I wanted. I longed for a granola bar that had layers of flavor, texture, and depth. Most of the bars I tasted were food logs without visible ingredients, candy coated, and riddled with ingredients created in a lab, not a kitchen. I wanted a snack bar that had all of the elements that I couldn’t find in commercially produced bars. Nuts that I could see, real fruit, and a combination of ingredients that were flavorfully combined. To be honest, I saw a hole in the market and jumped in.

What is Nothin’ But Premium Foods?
Nothin’ But Premium Foods is a company committed to creating snacks that are healthier indulgences. We see ourselves as a bridge for those who want to make healthier choices in the foods that they eat, yet aren’t ready to start nibbling on birdseed. As a person with a lifelong battle with food, I knew that having alternatives that taste great is the only way to make true lasting changes. Many of us will never have the ability to swear off enjoyable snacks forever, but to have tasty, healthier options makes it all doable. Turning down a chocolate chip cookie with butter, eggs, and wheat is easier when there is a delicious Chocolate Coconut Almond Granola Cookie to satisfy your cravings. We currently have a product line of four Premium Snack Bars and two blends of Granola Cookies that are on the market.

How did your partnership form?nothin but granola cookies
Our partnership is based on a shared sense of passion about giving people real food with ingredients that aren’t processed or manufactured. A couple of years ago, Steven Laitmon, founder of The Calendar Group and a serial entrepreneur picked up a bar at Doc’s Café (a former local landmark), tasted it, turned it over, and contacted me to see if I needed help with what I was doing. As a businessman, snack aficionado, and a father, Steven recognized something different about the bars and that Nothin’ But was ready to be taken to new heights. Within a few short years of our official partnering, we’ve gone from my selling at the Westport Farmer’s Market and to a few local outlets to being in 76 Costco Warehouse clubs in the Northeast, hundreds of coffee shops, cafes, gyms, and gourmet grocers. While our partnership isn’t the typical one in the food world, it is one that brings a totally new perspective to an industry that we both love. We are creative, committed, open, and excited about what we’re doing and where we’re headed. In my opinion, those are the greatest ingredients in any recipe for success.

What is the most important thing that you want people to know about your products?
Good food is very simple and when combined in the right way, extremely delicious. In everything we create, we want to maintain the integrity of the ingredients and allow the real flavors to shine. Using oats, nuts, fruit, and a few extra wholesome ingredients, we want to change the way people snack and what they expect in the foods they enjoy. We will never add any unnecessary fillers or protein powders. There are many products out there with added extras, but for people who know that simplicity is delicious, we will continue our commitment on this path.

How did you get started?
I started making the bars out of Doc’s Café using a recipe that I cobbled together from various sources. I did a lot of reading, research, and experimenting in the kitchen until I found the right balance of flavors, texture, and experience that I wanted.

Where would you like to see the company go in the future?
Nothin’ But is a partially filled vessel that will cover multiple lines of consumer packaged goods. With my business partner and a lot of solid advice from industry insiders, I know that where we are is just the beginning. We really want to change the way people snack and in so doing, change lives. We have hundreds of recipes and innovative ideas that we are in the planning stages with that we know people will love. For us, we’ve never had a shortage of recipes or ideas, but we’ve also learned that everything takes proper planning in order to execute the right way.

Any fun products coming out in the future that we can look forward to?
We have a several new blends of bars and granola cookies in the works, but will keep them hush hush for a bit. However, just know that it will be a rich and very flavorful year for Nothin’ But.

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