Java Coffee and Cafe Opens in Westport

New coffee shop and cafe opens on Church Lane in Westport

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WM: What’s behind the motto: “Wake Up and Live”?

BB: We believe in seizing the day, conquering the hours and living life to the absolute fullest!


WM: Why Westport?

BB: Our partner, Brad Berk, had a second home in Sun Valley Idaho and loved our café. His lovely wife Erin even worked for Java during her college years! He approached Todd and said Westport needs a Java– and voila! 


WM: Are you using any local Westport products?

BB: Absolutely! We are sourcing our multigrain and 3-grain bread locally, and offering dishes made with fresh veggies from the Westport Farmers Market (like our Farm Stand Soup!) As we get more into a routine, we will be exploring all Westport has to offer!


WM: How does the Westport clientele compare with your former location?

BB: They’re definitely East Coasters! We definitely scored landing in the quick-paced curious, and very generous community of Westport. Idaho has a calmer vibe compared to Westport, which feels electric and progressive…it’s so exciting!


WM: How are you looking to get involved in the local community?

BB: We donate pastries to local shelters, contribute to the Farmers Market, donate to local churches and look forward to holding local events (once it warms up!).

Java offers a unique coffee shop experience for someone sick of the hustle and bustle of larger coffee shop brands. Escape to Church Lane for some local food, heart-warming drinks, and some soul.

Java coffee and cafe in Westport, CT

Java Coffee & Café

44 Church Lane, Westport

Monday-Friday, 6 AM- 6 PM

Saturday-Sunday, 7 AM- 6 PM

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