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Java Coffee and Cafe Opens in Westport

New coffee shop and cafe opens on Church Lane in Westport

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After just one week since Java started brewing in Westport, this boutique coffee shop and café has already made a home here in our New York City suburb. With regulars claiming their seats, groups of moms chatting over cups of coffee, and shoppers wandering in for a break, Java is creating an atmosphere where people can relax and just hang out. After experiencing Java, you’ll realize what downtown Westport was missing. And it was a little something called Bowl of Soul. 

The Bowl of Soul is Java’s signature Mocha, according to Café Manager Breanna Brandon. It’s made with Mexican chocolate imported from Guadalajara and ground in house, with shots of espresso topped with homemade whipped cream and sprinkles. This is just one of the original items on the Java menu.

This Western coffee house has five locations throughout Idaho, but this is their first East Coast venture. Having recently moved to Fairfield County from the original Javas, Breanna is here to bring the soul to Westport.

WM: How has your first week gone?

BB: Fantastic! We were welcomed with open arms by the community of Westport. We’re working out our kinks– as any opening week will present, but we’re excited to meet so many new faces!


WM: How would you say Java is different from other coffee shops?

BB: Todd (our owner who works just as hard as his employees!) often describes Java as the boutique alternative to big-box coffee, and I completely agree. Java has a spirit- a culture. We’re creative and funky, yet serious about what we do and how we do it. Java isn’t about one thing; it’s about the experience.


WM: What’s the menu like?

BB: Our menu is simple yet creative. We serve our eggs steam-scrambled, creating a fluffy, flavorful scramble with no extra butter or oil! We serve a full breakfast - from a Huevos Rancheros to a Dirty Hippi Burrito! A dirty Hippi burrito has bacon, steam scrambled eggs, tomato, green onion, black beans, green chiles, shredded cheese topped with our house made verde sauce! We even serve oatmeal with foamy milk, bananas, brown sugar, and cinnamon! Our lunch menu rules. We have sandwiches, melts, soup, hummus plate, and even salads (the Kale and Quinoa has been a hit!)  


WM: Do you make everything on-site? 

BB: We make our salsa, creamy hummus, hollandaise and all of our baked goods (muffins, scones, cookies, breads, even paleo chocolate banana bread and paleo cookies) all in-house. We slice our own meat, grind our signature Mexican chocolate and even make our famous whipped cream all in our kitchen!


WM: What’s the design and feel of the place?

BB: We’re outgoing and bright. I feel like Java’s décor emulates our enthusiasm. It’s rock and roll, with an energetic spirit.