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Editor's Letter - Seriously It's Fun

I recently caught the sound of the wonderful writer Frank Deford’s voice on the radio. He was talking about baseball, which usually only half interests me — and yet he drew me in completely. I was dazzled by how he constructed the narrative and used his voice to punctuate it, dropping and rising all the way to a perfectly tied off ending. It was ridiculously well crafted. And that was something I did understand and appreciate (just as much as I envied it). His gift for storytelling made it seem effortless, and it reminded me of the storytellers of my childhood: the grownups in my family.

We, the kids, were a collection of cousins and siblings sharing a beach house during the summer months. The adults in those days ruled the roost, and all children were outside, on the beach, sunrise to sunset. Meanwhile, the adults would sit on the porch, enjoying the view of the beach and the coastline (and presumably their children). Most of them, particularly my mother, would have a book open on her lap, but frequently indulged in telling long, elaborate stories that regularly caused a round of loud laughter to pulse out over the beachfront.

When we children weren’t listening to the fun, we were hunting for hermit crabs, dragging for minnow to sell to fishermen, chasing steamers into the sandbars and swimming like fish in the Sound. We were also playing games. Mother May I, Red Rover, Spud … we had an endless inventory that was constantly adapted to our moods.

When I became a parent, I thought I would be able to pass on the rules; but I soon realized that I knew the basics but had forgotten the details. It was time to hit the books, talk to the experts and put it all down in writing! See if our story on summertime games (page 96) stirs up or starts happy childhood memories in your family.

Also, our cover shows that we found the best cupcake — you, our readers, voted for it — but don’t miss our 50 pages of “Best Of” picks for so much more to love about living here or our August 6 “Best Of” Party to celebrate (go to bestoftix.com).

And if you’re stressed out or too dignified to be silly once in awhile, meet Dr. Richard Edelson. He not only helps lead the fight against cancer while overseeing the Yale Cancer Center and its new Smilow Cancer Hospital, he also enters (utterly unprepared) frisbee championships with his dog. You’ve shown you know how to work hard — are you ready to play just for fun?