Town Talk



Small Business Town Talk 2014

Small Business

Kidville Fitness for kids

Sing it Out Town Talk 2014

Sing it Out

Westport Productions

Construction in Westport Town Talk 2014

Construction in Westport

Multiple ground breaking transformations throughout the town have begun

New in Town Town Talk 2014

New in Town

Local Westport Stores

Get It Together Town Talk 2014

Get It Together

Jeffrey Phillip shares insights into the organized life

Varsity Vogue Fashion Show and Auction Town Talk 2014

Varsity Vogue Fashion Show and Auction

The 17th annual fashion show and auction at Mitchells in Westport

Big City Glam Town Talk 2014

Big City Glam

3 NYC trips to add a dash of old-school posh to your agenda

Saugatuck Bites Town Talk 2014

Saugatuck Bites

There are plenty of places to grab a quick bite in revitalized Saugatuck. Time to chat and chew with friends in the old neighborhood.

South Moon Under Rises in Westport Town Talk 2014

South Moon Under Rises in Westport

South Moon Under founder Frank Gunion discusses his new luxury boutique in Westport

Neighborhood Studios Town Talk 2014

Neighborhood Studios

The breathtaking Dance Theatre of Harlem will grace the Westport stage