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  1. It is interesting to hear so many people worry about the environment an cutting of trees. The reality is that is this project doesn't happen, the property will sell to a developer and the land will be cleared for homes or something similar. But, maybe thats what the critics want. More mega mansions in the area will raise home values. a Y will probably not.
  2. Location. Its not like this thing is in everyones back yard. The location is obscure enough that most people will not even "see" a difference.
  3. The Y has owned the land for what?...65+ years...wasn't that enough time to prepare yourselves for this.
  4. Just think, it could always be worse, maybe Home Depot or Wal Mart want to buy the land and put in a mega store. Sure, that wouldn't happen, but just imagine, it could always be worse.
  5. Is the Y actually exploring other alternate locations? If not, they should at least do some due diligence. I am sure a more centrally located building would offer more benefits such as alternate forms of transportation to people trying to get to/from there.
  6. RELAX, everyone is acting like this is the end of the world. Its not really that big a deal. You are stressing over the location of a Y. Imagine if you lived in an area where you had real concerns like how you were going to feed yourself and your family, how you would keep your family sheltered, safe, etc....

Lets all get a grip

- Back 2 Reality

Mahackeno is a good thing I'm totally in favor. I'm an avid support/user of the Y. My child goes there for daycare. My family is within walking distance of the current location. I have no problem with it moving to Mahackeno. I'm frankly sick of the debate. The thing that's not being told that if the Mahackeno location falls through, the Y will go away. And that will be unfortunate but a consequence of this campaign of misinformation. Stop the debate!


The comment on the website as I type this refers to the Y going away if Mahackeno does not happen.  That is true.  The Y Board of Directors sold the current Y facility before having approval for Mahackeno.  The Y is a mission based non profit.  The Board of Directors are charged with being financial stewards of the mission and to protect it for future generations.  By selling the current facilty they have put the mission at risk and their actions throughout the planning process should be reviewed with a fine tooth comb. Mahackeno is actually a great haven and could be a wonderful spot for a facility.  But if it compromises the mission, then it just can't happen.  When each of us do our family budget, we may want a new house or car, but if it compromises the health of the family, then you just can't do it.  What's the right thing to do?  For a family, it is easy.  If you think in these terms, a non profit is the same.  If any aspect of the mission, specifically the ability to deliver that mission by having a facility, is compromised then you have to revise your plans.  The theme of the Directors, "You are either with us or against us" is contrary to the mission of the Y and does not reflect a theme that will protect the long term health of the Y as a vital non profit in our community.  The debate is not whether the Y should move to Mahackeno or not.  P  Z and the CT DEP will decide that.  The debate is whether the Board of Directors should be audited by the Y members to determine if they have indeed been financial stewards of the mission.  The Mahackeno public debate has brought up many issues but to get to the root of the debate, I think we should all focus on if Mahackeno will further the mission of the Y or not.  The Y has always been a community treasure and to me, that has always been because it put mission first...in planning this new facility, I am not convinced that has been so.


Among many reasons not to build at Mahackeno: 15 acres of near virgin woods to be clear-cut for 105,000 Walmart sized YMCA.  How big is 15 acres?  The 95/7 Reed Putnam project, currently a sand vacant lot at Exit 15 off 95 is less than 12.5 acres. This YMCA monster has no business in a residential zone.  If there is no better location at the moment, then I say wait for an appropriate location to become available.  The YMCA will be receiving approx. $ 25+M for the old property, that much money in the coming commercial real estate downturn, IMHO will make properties available to the YMCA that they have not yet considered in more appropriate downtown or near downtown locations.  Clear cutting 15 acres of woods surrounding the current camp, what kind of message does that send to the children of Westport?  If I was a YMCA member - this is NOT a legacy I would want to be associated with.


I just signed on to order the magazine for a childhood friend (we both live in CO now and have for many years). I was so disappointed to hear the Y is leaving it's building! In the'70s I spent so many days after school hanging out on those steps with my friends. It's one of my fondest memories of Westport. Well, thing change, and I hope it's for the better for everyone and gives future generations somewhere fun to meet after school.

-Laura Bloom

I am 100% in favor of allowing the Y to build at Mahackeno, and 100% against a new forum like this that promotes anonymous posting. 

We already have anonymous cowards taking Make Mahackeno Happen signs off private property (I know of at least  2 more this weekend, and there were several more stolen during the week) and others who put YDowntown signs illegally on state property and unoccupied homes. 

I am happy to respond to anyone, anywhere, who is willing to sign their posts, but I won't maintain an ongoing presence here as there are already plenty of places to debate this issue.

-Adrian Bowles

Editor’s Note: While we do not promote anonymous posting, we respect the right of individuals to keep their information private. We would, of course, prefer that posters sign their opinions. However, we also believe that any debate is better than no debate at all.

I’m a long time member of the Y and feel that they deserve to build on their own property. However, I believe the enormous size and scale of the plan is driven by their swimming program and by swim parents who feel they deserve a palace. The talk inside the Y is that nobody is being listened to except the pool proponents.


I am against the Y moving to Mahackeno.  The disturbance to the wildlife biodivirsity in that area will be too great.  I read the Y's website and though they will replace tress, that will not offset the damage of detroying the original habitat.  I am surprised the DEP has not investigated more.  Are there any threatened or endanged species there?  While on the website, I read the Facts about the move section.  The very last statement regarding if there is a plan b states the Y will close.  How can anyone have this as an option.  So plan b is to close the Y?  Very disturbing.


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